Makinde's Story

I was informed by a colleague of mine about Mona’s ability to foretell future events, but I chose not to believe in it as most people would perceive. 2017 had been a tough year for me as I had a lot of goals in place in my head, and with my personality, was not satisfied that they were not accomplished as soon as I wanted them. This was very unrealistic, but good luck convincing me at that time. I was getting to a state where I could not sleep because of all these thoughts of un-accomplishment going through my head. My friend soon informed me of Mona again telling me that a lot of the things she told her came to pass. I then decided to give it a try because at that point in time I was ready to try anything.

I went to Mona and immediately she started to reveal a lot of things about my nuclear family and that would have been outright impossible for anyone else to know. I was blown away with the amount of information she knew because they were so detailed that it would have been impossible to be a simple guess or research.

She informed me not to worry so much as my goals and aspirations would soon come to pass. This gave me a sense of relief and I was finally able to sleep well at night and just stop worrying in general and be happy. Surely enough a lot of the things she predicated have come to pass and I am confident that a lot more will.

I highly recommend Mona because it’s not necessarily about predicting the future and knowing a lot of facts that no one else can ever know, but it is about giving you that piece of mind about the good that is surely going to happen in your life, or preventing you from making a gruesome mistake that could potentially harm your life forever.

Thank you very much Mona!!!