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Cups Readings Online Provide Reliable Insight for the Past, Present or Future

Cups Readings Online provide online and face-to-face readings through the gift of reading Turkish coffee grinds, also known as Tasseography. Mona, the owner, promises a reliable and satisfying experience whether you contact her online or in-person.

Mississauga, Toronto-- Mona, an online psychic, has been the owner of Cups Readings Online since the past 2 decades. She resides in Toronto and has recently decided to share her gift with a larger audience. Mona expresses how she feels about having a wider platform, “I was limited to performing the readings in a face-to-face setting whereas now I can use technology to complete my readings in a convenient manner. I am able to share my gift with a much larger client base now that I am online. I feel lucky to have such a platform to reach those in need in other parts of the world and not just the Greater Toronto Area. I have had clients contact me from Dubai, London, New York, Spain, Vienna, and other parts of Canada, to name a few, since I started my website this year.”

She further explains that during a reading you will be guided through different aspects of your past, present and future.

But not only this, she manages to do your future reading through various methods such as email, text, phone call, video call or you can of course, visit her place in Toronto. It might be a new concept to you that there can be an online psychic reading but here’s how Mona does it:

Firstly, the client and Mona will decide on a mode of communication, whether it is text, call, video or in person. Along with that a date and time will also be set. A video call works the same as an in-person session but for an email Mona then sends the client their readings within 24 hours of a selected time and date.

Then come the coffee grinds. The procedure that goes, is first you must drink the coffee and allow the grinds to settle down on the bottom of the cup. Then you must flip the cup over the saucer and allow the grinds to settle on the saucer. That is where the reading begins. However, some people like to send images of their coffee grinds instead. By the end of your reading she might ask you to think of a desire or wish and then press her thumb on the inside of the cup to see how well your desire or wish fits into your future.

If you’re looking to get some psychic readings online, then Cups Readings Online is where you should go. With 20 years of experience and plenty of positive feedback that you can view as testimonies on her website you won’t turn away without closure. Whether it is about your past, family member, friend or lover, or the future opportunities you’ll come across, Mona will give you the insight you seek.

Cups Readings Online provides a delightful future psychic reading, and not only that, Mona graciously provides a 15% off for her clients’ first reading.