Before Your Coffee Cup Reading

How to get ready for your coffee cup reading.


    1. Choose a Location


Locate a quiet and private area. Be diligent in selecting a space where you are able to hear clearly. It is just as important to be able to speak and express your feelings freely. Therefore, select a place where you are extremely comfortable. Ensure to the best of your ability that you will not be interrupted during your reading session. 

If you have scheduled an in-person reading I will provide a suitable place in which we can commence your reading.

  1. Gather Your Thoughts 

Set your goals. Think about what you would like to get out of this experience. Make a list of all the subjects you would like to discuss and seek guidance about. If you have specific questions write them down. Most importantly, focus on the objective, whether it is to seek guidance, find clarity or merely to have a unique and fun experience.                                                 

  1. Free Your Mind

Relax. Don’t be so keen on having your specific questions answered or chase a certain subject. Look to have a free and open mind. Let the flow of the reading guide the direction that it will go. Be calm, be honest and allow the journey to unfold.