How long should I wait before having another reading?

That depends entirely on you and your life. It can be as close as a week or as far as a year. Whenever you feel it is a good time, if any, to come see me again it is probably a good time. 

How did you learn to do this?

I did not learn it per-se. It is a gift. A gift I inherited from my grandmother.

When did you start reading coffee cups?

I first read my mother's cup after having a cup of Turkish coffee when I was just a young girl. Professionally, I began sharing my gift 15 years ago.

In which languages can you do the reading?

English, Arabic (Lebanese Dialect) and Turkish.

How much do you charge?

Click for rates.

Can I come for a reading with my friend?

Yes of-course. Please select back-to-back time slots when booking your cup reading if you wish to attend with a friend(s).

Can my friend/partner be present during my reading?

If you are comfortable with having another person in the room during your reading it is up-to-you. My coffee cup readings are very detailed and can get quite emotional at times, please keep this in mind before making your decision. To get the full benefits of this experience it is ideal to be fully open and openly honest.

Do I get a discount if I book for more than one person?

Prices are given upon request for group or event/function readings. A group consists of at least 5 people.

Am I able to call or e-mail back to ask about my reading?

I'm so sorry but this is not attainable as I have many readings and it is difficult to remember the specifics of a cup reading after it is complete. 

Is it OK to record the reading?

Yes. An Audio recording is OK.

How long does the reading take?

The appointments are 45 minutes, however every reading does not necessarily take that long/short. The duration of the reading depends on you. The more you are willing to know and are open to hear the more rewarding this experience will be.