Client Reviews from Mona's Cup Readings


Here are some reviews from clients that have shared their coffee cup reading experiences.     


Gia, New York, NY, USA

You’re Amazing!! Remember you asked me if I was moving or buying a new house. The guy in my cup just bought a new home. I can’t wait to do another reading with you.

Simply the best!

Annette, Toronto, ON, Canada

It was an absolute pleasure meeting with Mona! She was welcoming, compassionate, kind and most importantly, bang on with my reading! I left with chills! I particularly enjoyed the idea of sitting down and casually having a cup of coffee with her.  It was like going to a friend’s house I had known for years.  It was especially refreshing and comforting to have someone genuinely listen and offer great advice.  This was such a great experience. 

Thank you for the wonderful reading Mona! You most definitely will be recommended.

Fatima, Dubai, UAE

I have had the pleasure of getting my coffee cup read by Mona for the past 6 Years and it has been totally worth my investments. Her level of accuracy never fails to surprise me. There were times when I was unsure of her predictions only to later be proved wrong. My best advice to all, is to listen to her advice as it has helped me many times! 

Laura, Mississauga, ON, Canada

I had a coffee cup reading done by Mona on January 5th and was so excited about the things that she told me about my life. It was eye opening and it was good for my heart and soul. I could not believe some of the things she told me and it changed my whole perspective on my life. It gave me so much positive energy in the words she spoke to me and I was amazed at the things she knew and could see for my future. I followed through on many things she told me and it gave me a whole new spin on my life. I feel so positive about my future after seeing her and am looking forward to each new day. She talked to me about love, about my job, about my family and so much more.

Thank you Mona!! I can't wait for my next reading.

Everyone out there reading my testimonial...go see Mona for a will be so happy you did! 

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Casey, Atlanta, GA, USA

Sitting with Mona is truly a treat! She has read my cup 3 times over the course of a few years and each time I am blown away. She is able to give such a detailed profile of you, the people around you, and what is worrying you about the current events in your life. It is uncanny the amount of detail she was able to give me about the relationship I am in today before I even had met the person. If anything, sitting with Mona can give you peace of mind and help you see and be aware things in your life that you didn't realize. 

Simi, Bahrain, UAE 

I never believed in fortune-telling and still believe most of it is mumbo-jumbo; but the first time I met Mona I decided to give it a try for fun... She read me like a newspaper! Really freaked me out :) My past and present; personal details nobody knows. Followed her advice to meet this girl she saw in the cup and now we're happily married! We just had a baby girl.

She is truly gifted.

Amanda, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mona is amazing and very honest! She tells you everything you want to hear and guides you in the right path. She is also very understanding as a person, she understands everyone and any question you have she will 99.9% find the answer, she told me I was going to get a new job, and 2 weeks later I received a job offer.

She’s sweet and precious, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Brenda, ON, Canada

My husband and I have had readings with Mona for about ten years. Her ability and accuracy is unbelievable. I can't tell you how much she's help us in our personal life as well as with business. With her no nonsense approach, she always seems to tell you what you need to hear. She is kind, generous, and has a heart of gold. God has blessed her with this amazing gift, and I'm so happy to see she's using her gift to help others.

Thanks Mona.

Kristin, ON, Canada

This has helped so much, thank you sooo so much! I have always been so worried about everything but I'm going to get myself on a positive track ! Especially after this, it gives me great faith.

Ruth, Mississauga, ON, Canada

I went to see Mona because I'm currently going through a difficult period in my life that I needed to seek deeper guidance. Mona was recommended by a family member, and although I was very nervous to meet with her, it was an amazing experience! From the moment you meet Mona she greets you with a big smile and you feel instantly at ease. Mona provided me with accurate insight and guidance on my current situation and described my entire life with unbelievable accuracy. Her readings are personal and unbelievably detailed. Mona even described my thoughts and feelings that I have never shared with anyone. Mona is an amazing woman with a very special gift who has a kind heart and amazing soul. She has helped guide me in making decisions in my life and also given me peace of mind and hope. I leave her readings feeling happier and more confident.

I'm so thankful. 

Katia, Toronto, ON, Canada

I have decided to pick up the phone and call Mona in the early morning on December 20, 2017. I drove all the way from Toronto to Mississauga to meet a person who I only read her blog the night before. First, when she opened the door, I was welcomed by a warm smile and lots of positive vibes which made me feel relaxed on the spot .

When she started to read my fortune, she didn’t read only what is written, indeed she read my soul , my mind and my heart. She advised a lot. She was able to read my whole entire life, my past, what I am going through right now and my future. The miracle that happened on the same day was shocking. I still can’t believe that what she told me about it , happened a few hours later.
Mona is a great person to trust . She has a big heart not only to site what is in your cup, but also to give advice and try to help as much as she could.

Thank you so much Mona.
It was a pleasure meeting you.

Maryam, Toronto, ON, Canada

I have known Mona for over 15 years now and she has read my coffee many times over the years. Her readings, over the years, have provided me with guidance and comforts. Every time she has amazed me by how in-tuned and accurate her readings have been.

Mona is very professional and also has the ability to put you at ease. I have recommended her to friends and family as well and they have never been disappointed, in fact everyone has been as surprised as me by how accurate she can be. If you are looking for a reading I would definitely recommend her! 

Greg, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mona is a true psychic! I am writing this 6 months after seeing her. Firstly, let me start by saying, it was a fun experience in general, and she without knowing me, she seemingly had an intimate knowledge of my life! I am always the skeptic of my family and friends, so I found this to be very surprising. So 6 months later, seeing her predictions occur exactly as she said, it seems miraculous! She told me I would be getting a job offer and whether I chose to stay where I was, or go to this new firm, I would see a lot of success. She hasn't been wrong yet. I highly recommend seeing her, even if just to listen to her tell you about your family, friends, and past experiences in a way that seems impossible!

Diane, Oakville, ON, Canada

I have been to see Mona 3 times. The first time in 2011, again in 2013 and then in 2017. Each time I was astounded at how detailed and accurate she was about everything.  It’s not random details that could apply to anyone, it’s specific detailed information about me, my family, my friends. Mona is very positive and friendly and relatable. I felt so comfortable with her from the minute I met her. It felt like I was meeting an old friend even from our first meeting. Mona tells you specific details about things going on in your life and even helps guide you to make good decisions on following a good, safe path in life.

I’m so thankful for meeting Mona and would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting some clarity in their life. 

Joel, Toronto, ON Canada

I’m not going to sit here and make an argument for whether Mona can really see your future or not. But I will say that there were things she asked me, that no one would ever think to ask.  Pointed questions about my parents past that I’ve never shared with anyone.  

It was a great experience, and great moment of reflection.

Shaed, Toronto, ON

At first, I was quite hesitant. Did not believe in it and thought it was a money grab. But man was it an experience...she knew things I didn't know. On a serious note, I've struggled in coping with uncertainty and anxiety, but this really helped calm me down and be more self-aware. It was also fun, so I definitely recommend it.

Oriana, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mona knew things about my life that I haven't told anyone! The guidance she gave me was critical in helping me navigate a tricky time in my life. Going through a concussion and trying to navigate the pitfalls of getting into medical school have been difficult. The reassurance, advice, and predictions she provided have been spot on!

Michelle, Toronto, ON, Canada  

Good morning Mona! I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my reading. It was incredibly healing for me and helped me to bring some clarity to my life. I'm sure I'll be coming back to you again! 

NP, Hamilton, ON, Canada

I have known Mona for 10 years now, and how can I put into words my thoughts on her. Well she was there for me around my divorce, she was always there to help me put broken pieces together like a puzzle, and give me full images to help me see more clearly and what's to come. She is  someone I can always go to if I need help with speaking on Life or just need it revealed more to me. She is kind, good hearted and has helped me and even my kids many times. Also, she has always been right, there has never been anything she saw within her cup where she was wrong, nope not even once. She has always been hit never miss, and has never let me down. And I hope to know her, and have her kindness and pure love for more years to come.  

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