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Hello, I am Mona, a psychic medium based in Toronto, Canada. I specialize in ancient Turkish Coffee Cup Reading, formally known as Tasseography. I am able to read the coffee grinds of the Turkish coffee mainly through sensing and interpreting images within the coffee cup.

I initially discovered my gift 35 years ago in my little town in Turkey. I inherited the gift of fortune telling from my grandmother, with whom I share the same name, MONA. My realization goes back to my teenage years when my mother asked me to read her cup and so I did. Since then my gift has evolved and my reputation with it.

My readings are an interpretation of the shapes of the coffee grinds inside the cup. However, it goes beyond the shapes where I am able to tap into my senses and thoughts at the moment of your reading.

During a cup reading you will receive a reflection of all aspects of your life through an honest and direct interpretation. You will see things more clearly. Once the reading is complete it will guide you throughout different aspects of your present and future life.

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