Types of Readings

I am a psychic medium who performs the art of the Ancient Turkish coffee cup reading. I read and interpret the coffee grinds inside of your coffee cup. I am based out of Toronto but offer services online to reach those of you in other parts of Canada and the rest of world. Please see my services below.

In-Person Reading $165 CAD                                                                     

An In-Person Reading is one where I will host you at my residence in Toronto. It is an intimate one-on-one reading that is preferred by many of my clients. This service is available to those who are in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. This service is highly preferred.

Video Call Reading $165 CAD                       

With the help of technology we will be able to have an interactive face-to-face coffee cup reading without you having to visit me in Toronto. The reading will commence via Skype, or FaceTime. I would recommend that you are in a space where you feel comfortable speaking and expressing your emotions freely. 

This is an easy way for me to reach my clients all around Canada and other parts of the world, such as USA, Dubai, England, Bahrain, Lebanon, Brazil and Italy.

Phone Reading $145 CAD                                                                  

Coffee cup phone reading is a convenient and mobile alternative to an in-person coffee cup reading. Inability to meet me in Toronto or merely a preference to be mobile when hearing your coffee cup reading, the phone reading is a good way to go. 

E-Mail Reading $145 CAD 

E-mail cup readings are completed and provided within 24 hours of the selected booking time. Once the reading has been sent, there will be 24 hour period to reply with questions and requests to elaborate or clarify anything that was mentioned in the reading. At this stage there will not be any new information shared, only further clarification and details about the e-mail cup reading that had been completed. 

Chat Reading $115 CAD                                                                            

My coffee cup chat readings are a convenient option where you will receive a full written interactive reading and be enlightened about the events in your life. Chat readings are ideal for those of you that do not wish to disclose your identity and is ideal for those new friends who wish to test the waters. This provides you with an instant reading through text massages at the comfort of your own space.

Events | Functions | Groups                                                                  

I am available for cup readings at functions such as bridal showers, weddings, stag&does, bachelorette parties, birthdays, company parties etc. A fortune teller/psychic is a unique and special sort of entertainment for such events. You will definitely add a different edge to your gathering and your guests will surely be impressed. 

A group of friends or colleagues can also take advantage of this service. 

These sessions are available both on a one-on-one basis privately or as a group, depending on your preference. 

Rates will be given upon request.

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